Voted off the island this week: Juliet

Still left on the island:
saige, icicle, jessicapierce, ideath, Deborah909, moJoe, dem bones, dannye, Pseudo_Intellectual, theFez, nate, and Uberfetus.

Anonymous Pull Quote from remaining survivor:

"We're all kinda sorry she had to go, but I don't think she was cut out for survivalism. Which is totally ok, you know. I mean, not all of us can be glitter queens, either. But it's also a blow to the girl power contingent here.

"I guess we started to know it wasn't going to work out when the network revealed that not only had they never heard of a geek.girl and couldn't allow her to plug her anonymous boob server on the air 'cause of some totally ridiculous broadcast restrictions, but also that glitter in any form would not be part of the toiletries airdrop. Fuck that! This network is really making me mad, I think I'm going to have to hunt down their executives and hold their genitals hostage over a hot fire until they get a little bit of a clue. Once i get off this island, of course.

"But Juliet - the poor girl really didn't have what it took. Even though all the guys would help her climb the rocks and stuff, I think she might be allergic to dirt. And maybe those roots we're eating. She probably wanted to go home, and who would blame her.. those unwashed lemur-eaters we're stuck with are starting to be real bastards right about now. I may have to kick some serious ass very soon.

"Oh, and Hi, mom!"

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