My friend travels to the past a lot. Always to the same time, to visit villages. Unfortunately, he doesn't own his own time machine, but has to borrow the one belonging to that guy who lives in the woods. It looks a lot like an old Ford pickup ... My friend has has fallen in love with a villager woman. One day he's missing.

I go to ask the man who owns the time machine if he knows where my friend has gone, and find him menacing the spanish-speaking village woman (from the past) and her baby. The baby is quite obviously my friend's, and i'm slightly irritated that he never told me. It becomes apparent that this is one bad dude, who has a sexual fetish for putting uncomfortable sharp-edged disks in his mouth - obviously a gateway perversion to more dangerous stuff. Plus i know he's a bad guy because - well, it's my dream, isn't it? He ought to let that lady and her baby go.

I managed to get the spanish-speakin' lady and her baby into the passenger side of the time machine through frenzied sign language and by wrestling the bad dude to keep him away. After i climb into the cab i realized i couldn't drive and that we're trapped in there. The bad guy was at the window. I grabbed his head and held onto it while shooing the lady and her baby away - she ran down the hill through the trees and i can only hope they got away safe into an uncertain foreign future-world.

Several of the bad guy's honchos coming up through the woods distract him, and i climb out, knock him over and run down the dirt road, scanning for a hiding place. There's nowhere. The bushes are too small, too far apart. But then crowds of people start pouring out of the woods on their way from the beach to their cars - families in bathings suits stretched tight, baskets, dogs, the whole bit, floppy hats, sunburns, dark glasses, knees and mothers and cousins. I lose myself in the crowd. They carry me through a door and then i am safe - in a restaurant, with the boys - clampe, cowboyneal, lawnjart, nate, the gilded frame, jeff, thefez... safe.*

* I had actually been in a restaurant with a similar group earlier that day.