1. Carefully twist the two chocolate cookies apart in a manner that does not separate the creme in the middle. The idea here is to get all the creme on just one of the cookie halves.
  2. Take the cookie with no creme, dunk it in milk, and eat it in two or three bites.
  3. You are now left with the half with the creme, which is quite obviously the better half. Attempt to twist the creme off this cookie half. This is possible if you move fast enough so the heat of your hands doesn't start to melt the creme.
  4. Dunk the now cremeless half in milk and eat as in step two.
  5. Roll the creme disk between your palms until you get a little creme sphere.
  6. Insert the creme sphere into your mouth and let it slowly melt on your tongue.

Just remember, only the unsophisticated, the uncool, would simply eat an Oreo without disassembling it first.