Cookies and milk. They've become cliché, haven't they? These two foodstuffs, taken together, can bring back tons of childhood memories. I'm eating some right now; they are probably the most comforting food I could possibly eat. But I'm moving past childhood now, and I'm discovering new and exciting ways to enjoy them.

Of all varieties of store-bought cookies (yes, cookies and milk are always better when the cookies are homemade), Oreos are unquestionably the most popular. They are also the best kind of cookie for eating with a fork. Why? I'll tell you, the white stuff.

Ok ok ok, go get some double stuffed oreos, a fork, and a glass of milk. Take one oreo and slide the fork sideways through the white filling. Dip to preference and eat! Not only do your fingers stay dry, but also, you can dunk your oreos no matter how much milk is left!! It is so simple, I am amazed I hadn't thought of or heard of it before I did. It's one of those things you never realize you need until you have it. Like Palm pilots. Or democracy.

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