Holding someone's hand is like coming home.

Even if you don't really know what home is supposed to be like or feel like. You still have this vision in your brain of what you may have hoped it to have been, or what you wish it could be like.

You get that tingly feeling at the end of your finger tips and your toes. You feel like nothing else matters because you are there, in that moment with someone, and nothing is going to break it up.

Nothing is going to tear that person away from you.

There is no fighting, there is no shouting, there is no screaming.

There is just you and that special person, and that feeling of complete and utter acceptance. There is comfort in holding someone's hand.

There is security. There is pure joy.

Sometimes you don't want to let go. You don't want to let go of that feeling.

You're not used to it perhaps and you like the feeling,

and you don't want to let go,say goodbye,

and move on because you have finally found your home.

Yes indeed, holding someone's hand is like finally coming home.