A cute Amiga platform game by Gremlin that's success led to a few coin-ops but mostly a lot of bickering over whether the main character was or was not an Ant.

Amiga Power, several times over refered to the thing as a Ninja Ant from the Nth dimension. CU Amiga (being bitches that everyone hated) pointed out that the number of limbs of the game creature were not consistant with that of an Ant and thus it couldn't be so.

A few years ago I got in contact with Amiga Power for comment and they speculated that the ant had lost a few limbs during it's ninja training, obviously.

A response expected like the champions they were.

It was one of the most prominant Sonic Beaters that would apparently cause a mass exodus of the unholy console market into the wholesome Amiga fold. For a while there in 1992 every game was a `Sonic Beater`. When these days it all seems a rather silly quest. (after all it was Gremlin's later release, Harlequin that did it)


  • XOOL, or possibly ZOOL was the name of that thing living in lovely Sigourney's fridge in The First Ghostbusters Movie.
  • Not to be confused with Mozilla's XUL sounding action piece.
  • Not to be confused with the A1200 version of Zool thats "pretty" backgrounds made it a difficult to distinguish foreground (enemies) and background (sunsets). It was an unhelpful bitch to play, believe me.
  • Short for Zoology! Cheers Webster! (a small black boy?)