Tango, known for their weird-arse and deliciously twisted adverts, are also very sneaky when it comes to product marketing and brand development.

The orange flavour had been around for ages, so, when trying to introduce the new blackcurrant taste experience as well as the plastic bottle packaging for Tango Still (the non-fizzy fizzy drink), they would turn up at clubs with bags full of empties to scatter around in the bins and trashcans inside and on the streets nearby. Seeing the leftover traces of this stuff everywhere, they planted the idea that everyone who was anyone was drinking this stuff. The sight of the stuff became familiar, even before it was tasted.

This has spread around: employing hip and fabulous people to sit on the tube reading your exciting new magazine, to swank around in fashionable places consuming your brand. Product placement has oozed off the screen and into the crowds. Tango's strategy was astonishingly subtle compared to the stunts being pulled by the burgeoning numbers of guerilla marketing companies.