UK:Resistance is the most ridiculously biased, and completely hilarious, console gaming site ever to (dis)grace the web. Providers of "UK Dreamcast News and Soft Porn". It was started up around 1996 by two gaming journo deviants (Gary Cutlack of PSW magazine and JonHuz*) to review and comment on the Sega Saturn games console. As Sega Europe proceeded to lurch from disaster to disaster with that machine, UK:R were always on hand to bemoan their beloved grey box's fate, and to jeer and give the finger to the Sony Playstation.

The point of UK:R, which is not immediately clear to some people, was to defend Sega to the death, in as humourous a manner as possible. This tradition was continued throughout the troubled life of the Saturn's successor, the Dreamcast.

Some popular features on the site include Employee of the Week (who is, surprisingly, always a scantily-clad female minor celebrity) with its on-going vignettes from the life of alien adventurers Captain Jax and Commander Zorg, Leonard Nimoy's Predictions, The Double Entendre Masterclass, and special guest appearances by Darth Vader ("the circle is complete"), Joey Deacon and 2 Unlimited.

There is also a heavily used message board which is frequented by a 50/50 mix of industry insiders and unhinged psychopaths.

The current (roughly biweekly) incarnation of UK:R includes several new regular features, including readers' submissions, Fun with the Fujitsu-Siemens promotional photo archive!, As Yet Unproven Claims by Michael Moore ("Potatoes can feel pain") and Your Task for the Next Two Weeks...

(I actually made an anonymous contribution to Issue #6. Puerile as I am.)

*Not sure of Jon's real name.

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