A harrier is a person, be they male or female, who runs for enjoyment, usually across varied terrain. This term undoubtedly comes from the term listed by Webster 1913, comparing runners to rabbit-hunting dogs.

Many other running terms are derived from this term, including rabbit, and the game hares and hounds, of which hashing is a variation.

AV-8A "Harrier":
First successful production VTOL fighter jet to be employed by any modern modern military. Later replaced by the AV-8B Harrier II, which is now also discontinued in use. This fun-to-pilot looking aircraft appeared in the movie True Lies, and probably others. The VTOL capability operates by rotating the side mounted jet engines so that the propulsion is facing the ground, allowing the aircraft to slowly rise or descend for it's Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL).

Har"ri*er (?), n. [From Hare, n.] Zool.

One of a small breed of hounds, used for hunting hares.

[Written also harier.]


© Webster 1913.

Har"ri*er, n. [From Harry.]


One who harries.

2. Zool.

One of several species of hawks or buzzards of the genus Circus which fly low and harry small animals or birds, -- as the European marsh harrier (Circus aerunginosus), and the hen harrier (C. cyaneus).

Harrier hawk(), one of several species of American hawks of the genus Micrastur.


© Webster 1913.

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