CPS stands for constant pressure system. It is one of the newer lines of Super Soaker water blasters put out by Larami. The most notable feature of the CPS guns is how much water comes out of them in a short amount of time. The CPS series' water output ranges from 161 to 684 mL/sec. Compare to the XP series' 11 to 66 mL/sec. The smallest CPS nozzle is rated as 5x larger than an XP nozzle.

CPS guns use an elastic piece of rubber in their firing chambers, which is more powerful than just air pressure alone. Even though the CPS guns have a large payload, it is quite easy to empty the reservoir with judicious use of the trigger.

The CPS series was started with the CPS 2000 in 1996. In 1998, Larami released the CPS 1000, CPS 1500, CPS 2500, and the CPS 3000. In 2000, Larami released the CPS 1200, CPS 1700, CPS 2700, and the CPS 3200.