Now, I don't actually own a Super Soaker, but thinking of how fun this game could actually be, I think I just might buy a FEW in the near future. Anyways, here are the running rules for Super Soaker CTF. These can change at any time without warning.

Super Soacker CTF

Super Soaker CTF should be played with at LEAST 4 players. Any less would suck, don't you think? Each team should consist of an equal number of players (duh). If there is an extra player, their team will be decided by adding the total masses of each players gun on each team and totalling each teams total mass. Then divide that by each teams total mass, respectively. Then...well, alright I'm just joking. Pick whatever team you want for the extra player.

Gun restrictions:
Basically there are none regarding size and firing power. However each player should be limited to 2 guns. Any more would just be unnecessarily ridiculous. Just remember you have to run with both of the guns, should you chose to have 2.

There will be 2 different colored flags. These should probably be no larger than a hand towel. (Fun Tip If you will be playing this more than once, it would be fun for each team to design their own flags instead of just using some old rag). Placement of the flags will be explained later on.

Belt Flags:
Each player should wear 2 flags at all times. There are commercially made belt flags. They are those white belts with the velcro-attatched colored flags. You might be able to borrow some from your local YMCA, if you ask nicely or something...hell if i know. I thought about a way to design something similar. Everyone can easily obtain a belt. For the flags, cut up a beach towel, preferably old and solid colored, lengthwsise, probably two feet long, 2 to 3 inches wide. Fold 2 of these on each players belt. I haven't tried this, but I can visualize it working. The basic idea of the belt flag is that its going to be ripped off. More on this later.

In my opinion, capture the flag is better played in a wooded area with trails. Trees provide more cover and it adds the need for stealth tactics. Its just more fun. If you don't have a wooded area near by, you can still play in a large field, but I'm sure it wouldn't be half as fun.
Each team should start on either side of the playing field, but (if in a wooded area) not too far apart. I dunno how far apart approximately, but far enough away that the other team isn't visible, but is still audible (is that the right word..i'm trying to say as long as you can hear them).
Now, If you've ever played regular capture the flag, the point is to grab the other teams flag and return it to your side without having one of your belt flags being ripped off. Thats the point of the belt flag. The Belt flag represents health. As soon as you lose of of these (you have 2) you are out and you should sit down were you were captured. The reason there are two is so the player can't try hiding the flag behind them so the opponent can't rip it off. Think about it...
The use of the Super Soakers adds more fun. If there is someone coming towards your flag, their instinct will be "i don't wanna get wet, so i better back off" or something like that. It's just more fun people!

Please enjoy your capture the flag experience and be safe.

Anyways, I feel like I've been rambling, so I might have missed something. If you feel there is something missing, please leave me a /msg.
Thank you for your time.

I was thinking. Perhaps, to make the game last longer, each team should have a water supply handy at their 'home base'. Like a big cooler of water or something. (I chose a cooler due to its portability). Just an Idea. Also, if your belt tag is ripped off while you have the flag, you must drop the flag where you were captured and you can't touch it or hide it or anything. NO! heh.

Please post any additional ideas below.

I haven't actually tried super soaker CTF, but this is how I would play it:

Each team has its own base with a flag displayed. No restrictions on amount of guns or power, but the teams should be rougly even. One can store extra guns in a base instead of carrying them, but they can always be stolen.

The object of the game is to obtain the enemy's flag (from their base), return it to your base, and touch it to your own flag in it's default position. If this is done, announce your team has made a capture.

The water guns are used in a "one hit kills" manner. If you are hit by any water, you must drop any flag you are carrying, hold your gun over your head, and return to your team's base before continuing playing.

Team members are allowed to bring a friendly flag back to its base after soaking an opponent who began to capture the flag.

The team that makes the capture wins. Of course, you could play first to 3 or 5 captures, or something similar.

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