Today, I...

  • ... went to the city garage, expecting to get my car back, after having 2 new calipers and rotors put in it. Now, I'm told I need a new master cylinder (another $100) and I won't be able to pick it up until tommorrow. My car has been there for 6 days, and every day except saturday I was told I would be able to pick my car up the next day.
  • ... cut a large gash in my thumb with the help of the 3 or 4 inch serrated blade on my leatherman wave. Worst of all, I wasn't doing anything important, either. I was simply walking down the street, practicing quickly brandishing my knife so I could look like a badass. I ended up just being a dumbass.
  • ... found out the water in my apartment is not working, for whatever reason. It's after 5, so I cannot call the office and tell them what's up.