I had a strange dream. I do not remember any plot, only images.

I was at a chess tournament held in a hotel at a unknown city. 5 or 6 of my friends were there - Strange, as only one of them actually plays chess. For some reason we were all forced to get seperate rooms with our own money. You could pay $35 for a room with one bed in it for 1, or $95 for a room with two beds in it for 2. I'm pretty sure we all got singles.

I went down to a room in the hotel to buy breakfast. I wanted to buy a sausage biscuit but they only had an eclair. When I asked what an eclair was, the lady told me it was just a bigger version of the sausage buscuit.

We were forced to go to church. I stepped in the elevator that led there.. Currently there was only one other of the six also in the elevator. He hit the door close button. This elevator was quite strange -- When he hit the button, first, bars closed across the door, so the others could see we were cut off from them. Then the door closed. The lights dimmed as the elevator jerked quickly upwards -- Then in all different directions! I do not remember much else about it other than it being the scariest elevator in the world.

In the skittles room someone from another team was reading a small little book.. about the size of those 2600 mags. I glanced at it and noticed my name was in it. I asked him to borrow it and he gave it to me. On my way to the next round (I was already late) I flipped through it and tried to find where I saw my name. I couldn't find it.

There was a very dark atmosphere. It wasn't raining, but it should have been. I don't know how else to describe this.

I had tons of free time. There were hours between the rounds.. Strangly, these are all the events I remember. I don't remember playing any actual games or what I did in my free time.