Last night, I had the strangest and best of dreams.

The setting was postApocalyptic New York City. Kinda like how the set for The Postman should have been - sorta that meets Escape from New York. Thefez and myself were working for the High Church of Unitarianism, who evidently had discarded their Universalist roots, because our jobs were...lethal.

We were working as druids for the Urban Ministry. However, rather then being street priests, we were equipped with handheld railguns and sent to hunt the Batwinged mutants. The batwinged mutants had come into being after The Fall, and were a group of humans who had grown..well...bat wings.

The other mutant trait they had was that their blood had such a high sodium level, that when exposed to air, it would explode - and hence, they as well. The Fez and I were part of the team that was sent into the bombed out areas of the City to hunt down these abberations of humanity.