Last night, I had the strangest and best of dreams.

The setting was postApocalyptic New York City. Kinda like how the set for The Postman should have been - sorta that meets Escape from New York. Thefez and myself were working for the High Church of Unitarianism, who evidently had discarded their Universalist roots, because our jobs were...lethal.

We were working as druids for the Urban Ministry. However, rather then being street priests, we were equipped with handheld railguns and sent to hunt the Batwinged mutants. The batwinged mutants had come into being after The Fall, and were a group of humans who had grown..well...bat wings.

The other mutant trait they had was that their blood had such a high sodium level, that when exposed to air, it would explode - and hence, they as well. The Fez and I were part of the team that was sent into the bombed out areas of the City to hunt down these abberations of humanity.

I was sitting at school on one of those comfortable couches when suddenly someone turned on some music. It was supposedly a local band, maybe even one from the school, blaring out at me just slightly louder than it needed to be. I was trying to talk with my friends when suddenly the lyrics caught my attention.

“And I still, miss your smile over me…” it began.

“And I can’t breathe without your, arms around me…” I finished with it simultaneously. I looked at my friends, my eyes wide, yet none of them seemed to understand. “That’s my song!” I shouted at them and they looked all puzzled like, so I continued: “Those bastards stole my song! Who are the members of that band?” I looked around and it seemed everyone was ignoring me. And so I proceeded to go from class to class asking who was in that dumb band and threatening to sue whoever did it.

I woke up slightly frustrated before realizing it had all been a dream. But hey, even I like to get credit for my own stuff sometimes…

I don’t remember much of my dream now. I remember I was with my grandmother in her car. She is a little slow and has trouble walking in reality, yet she has a car and has no problem driving (physically that is – she really is an exceptionally bad driver). In my dream however she seemed a little younger and in superb shape and she drove with great skill, changing gears and accelerating like a professional race car driver. We seemed to be chasing something or someone on a road through a forest, but I’m not sure who or what it was.

Suddenly there is this big fence, I think it was electrical and with barbed wire, as if surrounding some kind of military base. I get the feeling I’m mixed up in an international spy-game of some kind, where my lofty grandmother is playing the role of an elderly female Bond
(Bond’s the name – Mrs. Bond).

To top it off, there is a kitten involved, maybe more than one. I remember sitting in the front passenger seat of my grandmothers little red Mazda 323, cuddling a cute little kitten that seemed to keep changing color, while we speed on a little forest lane and the car is sounding like Michael Schumachers Ferrari.

I was walking to my bus stop, just like I do every morning, however, it was like the middle of the afternoon outside, yet, I knew it was morning...

I was walking to my bus stop, and 3 men walked by. Suddenly, one of them started to bleed from their nose, mouth, eyes and ears... The other two simiply ran away from him.
Before I knew what was happening, I was over on the other side of town, near Clover Point, when there were large groups of people who were bleeding as well.
It didn't make any sense to me then, and still doesn't now.

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