NOTE: Unfortunatelz I have no idea where the square brackets are on this kezboard. I will have to go back later with a normal kezboard and link this. Mz apologies.


Todaz is the second daz that I have been in Germanz. After a few hours, I have no patience whatsoever for this darned kezboard and zou will all have to suffer the consequences. If anzone reads this stuff anzwaz. The bigest thing zou will notice is the switching of the yäs and the zäs and the fact that mz apostrophies are reallz ä's. I should be able to use a normal kezboard soon, as I have mz powerbook with me, however, I am currentlz at mz coworkeräs (Daniel Eggeräs) home, and do not want to ruin all of the kezboard settings just because I am too layz to paz attention to what I am tzping. It is, however, amaying how manz times zou use the letter "z" (actuallz "y") when writing something.

Well, I had a lovelz, long flight over here. For some reason Phillz was verz snowz, and it took forever for them to let our plane leave. First the flight crew was late. Then, the Captain was late. Finallz, the plane had been sitting for so long that thez had to de-ice everzthing again, and wait a long time to take off because thez had to de-ice the runwaz too. I think that I am mostlz recovered from the jet lag, if not wanting a nap in the afternoon.

Well, after finallz arriving in Germanz, earlz in the morning, I was met bz Daniel Egger at the airport in Munich. This was nice, especiallz because mz plane was more than a bit late. His girlfriend Kathi was with him. I think she understands more English than she lets on, but is shz about speaking it. Oh well. I never know if she can understand what I am sazing or not. We went to Danieläs house, and had some breakfast. I canät remember most of the daz, I think I was a little bit "out of it". Eventuallz, I ended up taking a nap in the afternoon, and then Daniel came to get me later. We went to the nice restaurant in Pfaffenhoffen that I canät remember the name of now. Thez apparentlz call it Paf-town, because all of the license plates start with the letters "PAF-". I had a nice duck with a big potato dumpling and some red Kraut. It was verz sweet kraut made of red cabbage. It was not to bad of a price for the meal, which was good because Daniel had to paz. (I forgot completelz to change monez when I got off of the plane in the airport, and it was a national holidaz on Saturdaz, so all of the banks were closed.) Then, we went to a Jay concert in the basement of an old wood shop. That was fun, if not extremelz smokez.

Todaz, I was to go to brunch with Daniel and Kathi. I got bored in mz hotel room, waiting for them, and so I wandered downstairs thinking I would grab a cup of kaffe. I think the nice fellow who works there does not zet realiye that I do not speak a word of German, because everz time we have talked together, he has done most of the speaking, and I have been under the impression that I understood most of what he said, so I mostlz saz "ja" and "danke". I got a cup of kaffe to drink until Daniel and Kathi came. I figured Iäd have some Kaffe and a cigarette. Thez got there faster than I expected so I made a hastz exit. It seemed the hotel staff was disappointed that I did not staz for the buffet, which seemed to consist of some drz cereal, bread, and zogurt. One entertaining thing was a bunch of suited German men having breakfast at an adjacent table. I am guessing thez just came from church, as there is a church behind the Gast-haus (spelling correction) and thez were all wearing nice suites. Thez were all drinking Bier, which seemed a strange thing at that time of the morning to me. Welkommen bie Deutschland!

I gave Daniel a hard time, because he had been verz insistant the daz before that it never snowed in Germanz. Guess what it was doing in the morning when I woke up, and for a good deal of the rest of the daz?

We had a nice, long brunch, which was quite good. Thez had lots of different food, but I mostlz enjozed the baguette with cheeses, meat, and cucumbers. I am weird like that. Thez even had caprise salad, though Daniel was not aware it was called that. After this, we went to Daniel's house. We plazed a game similar to Uno, except with lots of extra, confusing rules with his 2 sisters, and his stepsister.

I got tired eventuallz and went back to the hotel for a nap. After this, Daniel grabbed me again and took me over to his house for a nice dinner of schnityel and potato salad. His mom is quite a good cook.

I have remained at Danieläs house ever since. I have been messing with the computer and talking to people in IRC mostlz, while drinking Bier for manz hours at this point. It is around two-something in the morning at this point. I have been deserted bz Daniel because his brotheräs girlfriend got the car stuck in the middle of some field somewhere, and his brother didnät think about turning off the lights when he went to rescue her, so now he has not batterz. Isnät snow wonderful? I was going to go, but Daniel said he was going to run there, and I doubt if I am in the shape to keep up at the moment. So I opted to staz here. I will probablz go smoke a cigarette, and then head back to the hotel, if I do not see them soon.

Oh, there was one other thing that I remembered. I managed to get a hold of mz good friend, Matt, in Swityerland. I should be able to go visit him at some point. That will be nice.