i thought i would stroll, go for a walk, as if that might cast some glaring clarity on the universe, as if that would help my tumbling thoughts. i pondered sleeping earlier, but something tells me not to, and so i do not. (please note, something, that i will not listen to you for too terribly much longer. i am tired, emotionally, mentally, physically. i am just tired.)

i want to write to you but am afraid it would just be depressing or less than dreamy, and you can't really reply, thusly i'll hold most of it in, let it swim about in my head.

i was going to let the dog out tonight, but as soon as i opened the door he freaked out, and hurt my wrist because i was holding onto his collar. this night is leaving much to be desired.

and then there was light.

well.. i could complain, but i don't really feel like it, so i won't. i want to finish my last writeup for the great lakes but i'm tired and will put it off a bit more. i also have a few more factual writeups to finish up. i have things i could be doing. i just don't really want to do them. i could go to sleep but it is too early. i'm tired. so tired. miss you. miss you too much. blah blah blah.