I love my dentist. I don´t often see him, since I still avoid going as much as possible, but today their was no way out, since two of my teeth really hurt, i. e. they do on an on and off basis. So this morning we met again, me and my dentist.
I had an appointment at 7.30, a cruel time in my opinion, especially because then it was still dark and raining when I got on my bike at 7.00. It´s really weird because every time I meet this man I am struck by something special- he is neither extremely good-looking, nor is there any special feature that singles him out or attracts me to him; maybe it´s his good memory, his voice and the way he seems to care about the people he deals with. When I was first treated by him and he had to do a root treatment he called me twice to ask how I was the next day and the day after that.

Anyhow, today I was out fast again, so I went to the next doctor, as it was still early. I am not as old and ill as I might appear now, actually I can´t remember another day when I saw two doctors before 8.30 in the morning. But I have an iron deficiency and need to get injections, two more to go this week. On monday I nearly collapsed again, because it´s quite a shock for the body once the iron hits you and I had the feeling as if I couldn´t breathe properly, it´s as if your lungs tighten. I had to remain lying for quite a while and my blood pressure was checked constantly. Still, I don´t like going as much, because I really like the nurse that always gives me the injections. She is a cool woman.

Then I ran back home, briefly saw my friend and cycled back to University to start working. I help out on the so called Junior Year Programme, which is an exchange programme for North-American Students who arrived yesterday. They were given a lecture by our boss ( who also dwelled on the drinking habits of students in the past exchanges and advised the students to try not to get drunk every night, but to behave like the European students, who, according to him, never go out to get drunk on purpose..well, didn´t know about that).

Anyhow, afterwards we split the students in groups and went on a trip through the city centre. Luckily it had stopped raining by then. It was the first time for me to do this, I had only been told what to show them, which I did. I don´t know what my collegues told their groups, but we had a really good time. I pointed out some shops , the Deutsche Telecom to get a phone, a cinema, which has really comfortable seats, because it used to be a sex-cinema, the market, University buildings, where to get onto the internet for free, the library and the law and economics Seminar, until I finally met with the other groups at the mensa, the German cafeteria.
I will see them next on Friday evening, when we will have a Chinese buffet and a little welcome -party in our club- am already looking forward to that.