A pudgy rabbit created by Korean artist Jae Kim. The name MashiMaro is derived from his marshmallow-like appearance. If you pronounce MashiMaro with pseudo-Japanese inflections it will make more sense.This is also interesting because Korean culture is usually more influenced by Japanese pop culture than the other way around.

The animated shorts are pretty funny and fixate on strange, recurring props. The toilet plunger seems to be the main (often attached to the head of one of the other characters) one but toilets, beer bottles, and poop are other recurring themes.

The episodes (seven so far) all seem to revolve around MashiMaro stealing food from other animals either by fooling them or threatening them. He spits, breaks bottles over his head, and actually craps in a pond when a fish upsets him. In one particularly bizarre and inexplicable episode, MashiMaro explains a shadow on the moon by producing a toilet, using it (during which his face turns purple), and violently plunging it when it won't flush.

You can see him in action at http://www.mashimaro.co.kr in Flash animations. The site also sells a boatload of merchandise (surprise!) including a toilet seat depicting the little guy smashing a beer bottle over his head.I already ordered one. There are also several products depicting him wearing a Santa hat while riding a sleigh that is, of course, a toilet pulled by a bear with several plungers stuck to his head. I assume these were intended for the Christmas season but lingered on because a) they sold well or b)it makes as much sense as any other aspect of MashiMaro.