An online comic strip chronicling the adventures of two hapless beer-drinking antisocialites, their amorous pet goat toothgnip, an evil yet clueless chicken named diablo, and an assorted cast of eggplants, computer programmers, sadistic&bartenders, manic aliens, and Frank Coffee.

Goats: The Comic Strip can be found at

Goats: The Comic Strip details the lives of a passel of oddities in New York City. It has never been syndicated, and unless current trends in comics cease to continue, it never will. Why? It's too smart by half and quite offensive to classic family sensibilities. Jesus Peanut Butter Cups ( 'cuz there's no wrong way to eat a Jesus) and satanic chickens who are pyrobovinecrophiles simply do not make for happy family values groups.

In the above write-up by hariseldon he/she/it mentions Jesus peanut butter cups, on August 11, 2000, Hershey's lawyers sent a cease-and-desist order to the company that makes some Goats merchandise due to JPBC goods.

Jon Rosenberg (the creator of Goats) responded, via his tool'o'evil diablo, with a billboard that we will never see in the big blue room.

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