01 The Posse

Main Voice Actors:

02 The Backstory

Trigun was originally a manga, written and drawn by Yasuhiro Nightow that was published in March 1995 in Shounen Captain Magazine. The series ended in 1997, and was collected into three volumes. The series was also republished by Young King Comics. Nightow decided to continue the series, and created Trigun Maximum for Young King Comics in 1997. The series run was collected into six volumes.

In 1998, Trigun was adapted to be an anime. Though there isn't the breadth of information on Trigun as there is for Cowboy Bebop, there are some things that can be considered. Trigun faced some of the same censorship problems that Cowboy Bebop did due to the recent school stabbings. Trigun was also first broadcast on TV Tokyo, a station rather cautious about what they show, on April 1st 1998. Trigun quickly spread to other stations.

03 The Story

Trigun is a post-apocalyptic anime. The main character is Vash the Stampede, a man who has a bounty of $$60,000,000,000 on his head. He has been accused of murders and destructions of multiple entire towns. However, in truth, the destructions of towns never resulted in a death.

One might think that the main character is simply lucky after seeing the first episode. However, the second demolishes that idea. For he stands still as he is shot at, and quickly steps an inch out of the way of the bullet. It is not directly said that the main character is actually Vash until the fourth episode.

The plot begins when two insurance agents are sent to find and guard Vash, because of the numerous insurance claims that have been accused at him. They are to try to make sure that he doesn't destroy any other towns.

The show begins more on the lines of a comedy, but near the middle moves more towards a serious atmosphere. It begins to question whether a man can stick to one's morals.

04 The Wanted

  • Vash the Stampede - Vash is a wanted man, and his name is enough to spark greed or fear into people. In reality, he's a very polite person and has never killed anyone.
  • Nicholas D. Wolfwood - A travelling preacher, he carries a metal cross the size of himself. The cross in actuality holds eight guns, as well as being one itself. His first appearance is in episode nine, Murder Machine.
  • Meryl Stryfe - An employee of the Bernadelli Insurance Agency, she is sent to watch over Vash. She has fifty two-shot pistols under her cloak.
  • Milly Thompson - A woman of Amazon stature, she is friendly, innocent, and always helpful. Also an employee of Bernadelli Insurance Agency. She carries a huge gun underneath her coat, with ease. The gun fires bullets that expand to an X-shape.
  • Gung-Ho Guns - A group of unique fighters, they each have a different style and weapon of choice. They are a very dangerous bunch. They first appear in episode fifteen, Demon's Eye.

05 The Fandango

The Music:

06 The Shots

The Manga:

Trigun was the title of the first manga series, and was collected into three volumes. Trigun Maximum was the title of the second manga series, and was collected into six volumes. Both series were written and illustrated by Yasuhiro Nightow. Neither manga is availible in the United States at this moment.

The Anime:

Trigun is availible on VHS and DVD, the volume's episodes correspond to each other. The series is released in the States by Pioneer.

    Volume 01 - The $$60,000,000,000 Man
  1. The $$60,000,000,000 Man
  2. Truth of the Mistake
  3. Peacemaker
  4. Love & Peace
    Volume 02 - Lost Past
  5. Hard Puncher
  6. Lost July
  7. B.D.N.
    Volume 03 - Wolfwood
  8. Between the Wasteland and the Sky
  9. Murder Machine
  10. Quick Draw
    Volume 04 - Gung-ho Guns
  11. Escape from Pain
  12. Diablo
  13. Vash the Stampede
    Volume 05 - Angel Arms
  14. Little Arcadia
  15. Demon's Eye
  16. Fifth Moon
    Volume 06 - Project Seeds
  17. Rem Saverem
  18. And Now, Goodbye
  19. Hang Fire
    Volume 07 - Puppet Master
  20. Flying Ship
  21. Out of Time
  22. Alternative
    Volume 08 - High Noon
  23. Paradise
  24. Sin
  25. Live Through
  26. Under the Sky So Blue

07 As According to Hoyle

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