Terebi Tokyo, callsign JOTX, VHF channel 12, is one of Japan's main television stations. It is headquartered in Toranomon, Tokyo, just down the street from TV Asahi and TBS, and has been broadcasting on its 50 kW transmitter since 1973. In 1999, they opened a new, blue HDTV studio in the Tennozu area of Tokyo. Outside Tokyo, TV Tokyo operates several affiliates that carry most of its programming: TV Osaka, TV Aichi (Nagoya), TV Kyu (Fukuoka), TV Setouchi (Okayama), and TV Hokkaido (Sapporo).

Their most popular shows currently include music/variety extravaganza Asayan, the insanely popular dorama Women, Love, and Mystery, the infamous game show TV Champion, and dubs of Nash Bridges, the Powerpuff Girls, and WWE specials.

TV Tokyo is also a major production house, the corporate entity responsible for many of anime's great/appalling hits, including Pokemon, Captain Tsubasa, Prince of Tennis, Cyborg 009, Love Hina, Final Fantasy Unlimited, and Naruto, all of which can be seen on their network.

Major investors in TV Tokyo include, of all people, Mizuho Holdings, Nippon Seimei, and the Nihon Keizai Shimbun: perhaps the last companies you'd expect to have voting rights over Pikachu and Cowboy Bebop.

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