The Gung-Ho Guns are a group of gun slingers that Vash the Stampede fights in Trigun. All good fighters, at least better than the average person. Many of them have the use of higher technology and abilities than the public has.
    All of the members seem to be assigned a number, and many of them in the anime introduce themselves in the fashion: "Gung-Ho Guns Number #, _Name_"

  • Gung-Ho Guns Number 1
  • Gung-Ho Guns Number 2, Dominique the Cyclops - Confronts Vash in Episode 15. The only female member of the Gung-Ho Guns, she wears a trenchcoat and brimmed hat as well as a mechanical eyepatch. She uses hypnotism to freeze the victim's time and kills them with a Luger-looking gun.
  • Gung-Ho Guns Number 3, Hoppered the Gauntlet - Confronts Vash in Episode 21. A man that wears an armored suit that when closed off looks like a top. From the pointed end of the top is a machine gun hole. More skilled than EG Mine, but about as reckless.
  • Gung-Ho Guns Number 4, Zazei the Beast - First confronts Vash in Episode 22. A young boy that has an item that allows him to control animals(at least Sandworms). He wears a cowboy suit, and sports two revolvers.
  • Gung-Ho Guns Number 5, EG Mine - Confronts Vash in Episode 16. He wears a huge suit that shoots spikes. Boastful, reckless, and not very skilled. Easily defeated and killed by Radei the Blade, for failure.
  • Gung-Ho Guns Number 6
  • Gung-Ho Guns Number 7
  • Gung-Ho Guns Number 8
  • Gung-Ho Guns Number 9, Radei the Blade - An honorable man, that knows the Japanese way of the Samurai(he even speaks Japanese). Very careful, his sword is weilded with great power, being able to cut through buildings. His sheath can be converted to a shotgun, and his blade can be shot out as a projectile.
  • Gung-Ho Guns Number 10
  • Gung-Ho Guns Number 11, Midvalley the Hornfreak - Confronts Vash in Episode 24. A jazz man, he carries a saxophone. He wears a purple suit, with a pinkish shirt underneath. He can control sound waves to the extent of stopping bullets and reversing their path, and is the last Gung-Ho Gun to face Vash. Midvalley was ordered not to kill Vash, and that is the only reason that he doesn't flat out attack him.

    However, not all of them announce their number, and it hasn't been decided whether the numbers have a real relation to anything. It isn't rank or appearance, but order of membership could be it. The following members didn't announce their numbers. Apparently the manga has the members numbered differently and by appearance.

  • Monev the Gale - Confronts Vash in Episode 13. A huge man that wears body armor, he was kept locked up for years. His whole life has been training to kill Vash. He isn't clearly said to be a Gung-Ho Gun, but it is assumed from certain happenings in the anime.
  • Leonov(Leonof) the Puppetmaster - Confronts Vash in Episode 20. An old man, that can control wires and machines. He can create robotic manequins, be it man or animal, realistic or not. Always stays quite a distance from his creations.
  • Gray the Nine Lives - Confronts Vash in Episode 21. A huge robot, that contains multiple weapons within it's body. People are unaware of the fact that it is a robot, so he is thought to be extremely lucky.
  • Caine the Longshot - Confronts Vash in Episode 23. He uses a super-long sniper rifle. He always stay miles away from what he is actually sniping. He wears a large bullet-ridden brimmed hat, a shawl, and a muzzle-looking mouthpiece. He also carries a revolver.
  • Chapel the Evergreen - Confronts Wolfwood in Episode 23. An intelligent man, he trained Wolfwood in his skills. His cross was the original, Wolfwood modelled his after Chapel's. Chapel dresses as though he were an undertaker. His eyes are hidden by two red eyepieces. He is very proud of Wolfwood.

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