Have you seen Trigun? No? Go watch a few episodes right away. It's only one of the best animes of all time. It's an anime set in a sort of Old West with technology world and features this weird guy named Vash the Stampede who has 60,000,000,000 double dollars on his head for destroying entire cities. In reality, he seems like a klutz who manages to destroy things almost by accident. All Vash really wants in the world is "Love and Peace!". Want to find out more about Trigun? Go There.

If you have watched a few Trigun episodes, you've probably noticed that weird mostly black cat that appears in the strangest places for apparently no reason. While it doesn't really add much to the plot itself, it does add to the amusing atmosphere of the Trigun world. It's really like something that just makes no sense what-so-ever and you can't help but laugh at it.

I just recently found out what the cat's name is. As far as I know, its name isn't mentioned anywhere in the anime. The cat's name is Kuronekosama. Kuronekosama means Honorable Black Cat. Kuro = Black or Dark, Neko = Cat, Sama = Honorable. (Thanks Sylvar!) I don't know exactly what the cat did that makes it "honorable", but it's fun to look for while you're watching the anime. I don't know if it's male or female (I suspect male), but I'll make sure to update this node as soon as I find out.

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