I really hate jumping into this sort of partisan argument, but there are a few things that the writeups above seem to be missing. Now die-hard Republicans will generally leap to his defense (I think it's safe to guess which side of the fence elwoodblues is sitting on), and that many Democrats will automatically lambast him for his poor English or some other item. I am neither of these animals. There are more than two political philosophies.

What neither side seem willing to understand is that he is, quite simply, an unfit ruler. The first thing he did as President was to illustrate his lack of understanding of the U.S. Constitution. Faith based funding is a clear violation of the separation of church and state. There are many political analysts who have tried to make it more of a grey area, but if my tax money is being given to religious organizations, I think it's pretty much black and white.

He has no real policies, because much of what he says one day, will be taken back the next. There are various pundits and comedians who are already calling him "The Waffler", and he's only been at the job for less than three months.

Worse yet, he makes his people look bad by forcing them to reverse opinions so that they present a united front.

I am not really that surprised that he became president. He threw huge barrels of money at the political machine, and besides, had the advantage of the votes from people who will vote for anyone running under the republican banner. He is also not to blame for going to the Supreme Court, the Supreme Court is to blame for agreeing to hear the case. We now have our first appointed president, and the highest court in the United States has lost an enormous amount of credibility.

I am far less concerned with the man's intelligence than I am with his, thus far demonstrated, inability to govern. But, to paraphrase Thomas Jefferson, we get the government we deserve.