A few white things...

Vincent VanGogh painted "Girl in White" in 1963.

James Whistler painted "White Girl" in 1861. Personally, I really like this painting. The model is Whistler's mistress Johanna Heffernan and she is standing on a bear-skin rug.

White wine comes from France. In fact, according to the French, the only place that wine can come from is France.

White Egrets and White Herons are both birds which can be found in the US Southeast, among other places. (Of course, these birds probably have different names in German.)

A healthy white blood cell count is between 4.0 and 10.5 X 10-3 / uL. White blood cells rid the body of foreign contaminants.

The White House, at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., is where the US President and his family live. In 2000, the White House pets were Socks the cat, Buddy the dog and Monica the slut.

We detect colors as the light frequency that is reflected by an object. White is the reflection of all colors (absorption of none), while black is the reflection of no colors (absorption of all).