I saved $200, or 33% of the lowest possible price of my airline tickets for my last vacation by buying through Priceline.

First, I exhaustively searched for the going airfares and routes. Then, prepared with that info, I went to Priceline and started bidding. I had middle seats, but exactly the flights I wanted.

I then lucked out with American Airlines. Supposedly, the tickets are non-changeable. I extended my vacation by a week, and called AA to let them know. The really, really wonderful AA agent let me make the change for $75.00 (it should have been impossible, and standard tickets are $150 change fee for international, too!).

So, if you know what you are buying and are prepared to buy it, I'd have to say that Priceline is a good deal.

PS - Prop airplanes are more aerodynamic then jets. If they loose engines, they'll gently glide to the ground. A jet, on the other hand, will fall like a rock.