Ivy & Phil & I are learning how to live in this house. It’s been a long few months. Our first house, new surroundings, lots to learn.

Phil is my Philodendron, and Ivy is, what else, an ivy. They were very happy in North Carolina. They had completely covered the file cabinet and nearly taken over my desk. They had a large spider that lived outside the window and made beautiful webs. The sun rose every morning in front of their big window. They were happy, but I was miserable.

So, now they are perched on a shelf in the "foyer"; precariously high above the first floor. I reach them from the second floor landing. Their limbs reach down - Phil nearly to the floor and Ivy just to a foot or so below the 1st floor ceiling. They have no windows up there. It’s the only spot in the house without windows. But all of the rooms around have windows, as does the first floor where their limbs are growing.

I think we’re all having a hard time adjusting to the new place though. At first I was watering Phil & Ivy too much - Phil's leaves near the base started turning yellow and falling off. Then they both got aphids. I sprayed them last week. But now I don’t think I’m watering them enough and Ivy’s leaves are turning.

We all made such a good team at my old place. Now I’m out of synch with the plants. We’re having trouble getting the timing right. I know we’ll all hit our stride again. Changes are changes and we grow through them. Phil & Ivy are still growing. They are good role models for me.