The standard advertising line used to show even the most sugary breakfast cereal known to man in a healthy context. A "complete breakfast", according to the commercials, usually includes a bowl filled with one cup of cereal, some toast, milk, and orange juice. Of course, to make it complete in the eyes of the FDA, it would be a good idea to have some sort of meat or legume product, as well as some sort of vegetable product (like hash browns). Some commercials instead refer to a "good breakfast," but with much the same ingredients.

This is an excellent point for children to use in their arguments over which cereal to buy. "Cookies for breakfast?" the parent asks, flabbergasted.

"But mom, they're part of this complete breakfast!" the child retorts.

"They are? Holy shit on a stick, you're right! I had never known this fact before," the mother says, as she sweeps an entire shelf-ful of Cookie Crisp into the cart with one swipe of her arm.