Gorilla Munch Cereal's actual full name is EnviroKidz Organic Gorilla Munch Cereal. It's produced by a company called Nature's Path and it's a tasty breakfast cereal whose claim to fame is the support of gorillas and other endangered rainforest species through a 1% donation to wildlife-oriented charities every time an EnviroKidz cereal is purchased.

This particular cereal comes in a recyclable box which announces its lack of chemicals and preservatives and GMOs, its wheat-free contents, and its free CD offer. On the front of the box we see a rather weird gorilla drawing. It is a bit disturbing, but the name of the cereal is so silly it lured me to examine it further when I first saw it at the health food store.

Ahh, the backs of cereal boxes . . . Around another disturbing gorilla drawing, this box has a comparison of what gorillas eat and what "EnviroKidz" eat. The gorilla bit summarizes some rather obvious facts about gorillas and their life habits, pointing out that humans are the biggest threat to their lives. The "EnviroKidz" bit encourages kids to become EnviroFreaks and to "chooz" organic food. (For some reason they have a tendency to put z's on the ends of words randomly and to capitalize "gorilla" every time it occurs.) One side panel describes some characteristics of "EnviroKidz" (apparently kids who care about the environment and endangered species), and gives the product line's contact information.

Finally, the last side panel lists the ingredients: Organic corn meal, organic evaporated cane juice, and sea salt. (It's "organic" by the standards of the California Organic Foods Act of 1990.) It's got 110 calories for a 1 cup serving, and really does not appear to supply many necessary nutrients.

The cereal itself is pretty good, it tastes like a sweetened version of King Vitamin or something like that. I was unable to resist buying it when the clerk informed me that it was made from real gorillas, and then sadly told me his superiors hadn't let him put that on a sign because people might get offended even though it was obviously a joke. ::sigh::

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