Morning at the Window

T. S. Eliot (1888–1965)
Today is Thomas Stearns Eliot's birthday (September 26, 1888) and I thought it might be nice to do a poem by him. Bob Blair from The Poet's Corner elaborates that unlike other poems written about the same time Gerontion and The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock what is missing here are the references to other writers as a guide. The original text was published in Eliot's early poetical works, Prufrock and Other Observations (London: The Egoist, 1917).

With his detached pedestrian voice Eliot has gone about collecting sordid, soiled images brown waves of fog and muddy skirts on an urban morning. He separates with his gate the classes with his usual sophisticated weariness I am aware of the damp souls of housemaids/ Sprouting despondently at area gates in the midst of a bit of moral dirt swirling among the clashes of modern noise. This is the disorder of different social classes coming together; the city being the place where members of various social strata come together most visibly. It is a modern kind of music, a type of revolutionary music created from the sounds, sights,and smells of their respective urban realities. Eliot composed Morning at the Window in early September 1914 he was living in England and working for The Egoist as World War I was breaking out. Using an unrhymed form he creates an interesting and entertaining group of images.


Blair, Bob.:

Public domain text taken from The Poets’ Corner:

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