Well, I did it. I figured out how to covert a Quicktime file to MPEG using Linux1, but that's not what this is about. This is about my 'new' fridge.

This story begins in my lounge room. As usual, I'm sitting at the computer, not really doing anything. As usual, I ran out of cigarettes. So, /me wanders down to the shop.

Around the corner from me is a house that always has heaps of hard rubbish sitting out on it's nature strip. There's a stove, some wooden boxes, all sorts of junk. Today there is also a fridge. So I go to have a look. It's pretty grotty, with a fair amount of mold on the inside. But hey, I can clean that off, it seems in good condition. I dismiss the thought of taking it2, and continue to the shop.

On the way back, I see it again. I consider again. Free fridge. Do I want it? Yes. I don't know why, probably just because it's free. So I begin devising a plan to get it back to my house (it is 10:30 pm on a Sunday night). I get home and call my dad, to see what his take on the idea is. Predictably enough, he's all for it. So I set out, my old skateboard under my arm.

Arriving at the fridge, I maneuver it onto the skateboard and wheel it home. I got some very strange looks from passing cars. Getting it into my house is the hassle. I have a very narrow gate, opening onto a very narrow path, leading up to a very narrow door3. After about 5 minutes, I have it in my hallway. I hear a knock on the door. Oh crap, I think. Must be the guy who owns the fridge. You'd think he could have caught up with me before I got it inside. I reluctantly open the door.

But no! It's just dad, showing up to help me with the fridge4. Together we carry it into my lounge room, plug it in, and give each other big pats on the back when we hear the motor kick into life.

So, that's how I got the fridge. Thank you for your time.

1 Shameless nodevertising.
2 I do already have a fridge (admittedly a loaner).
3 Which reveals a very narrow corridor.
4 Once again, you'd think he could have caught up with me before I got home.