Victoria's Secret is a good place to shop if you fit the average breast size mold. Granted, the majority of women in the world are a b cup, and there are even special bra salons for those women whose breasts are so bounteous that they require the 12 hook special, but there is no place to go for the less endowed woman. At 5'5", 125 lbs, I am a fairly fit girl. I have 38" hips, and booty - however genetics has seen fit to grant me with perky little double A's.

I have always been somewhat wary of the place, too much foofiness and pink, not enough basic reality. But some people get to a point where they say, "Hey. I'm pretty okay with my body, it's fit, and I want to see what it looks like dressed up like Naomi Campbell's." I did... so I go into Victoria's Secret. I find a really cute contraption that reminds me of Easter and Marilyn Monroe at the same time. I take the bustier/corset/bedroom floor decoration to one of the sharp little women in a black blazer and a pink measuring tape around her neck.

"Do you make this in a 34 A, or anything smaller as far as cup size?"

strange look from saleswoman

"We don't make that in YOUR size. We don't make ANYTHING below an A."

She whisked away my Easter Seven Year Itch, and I turned good and red. Who are these people who decide what bra size is acceptable?