Hey, kids, I'm back! I had a lovely e2 vacation, and I started this month with a real life vacation, or at least some traveling time, visiting friends old and new in the San Francisco Bay Area. But I love all y'all so much that I'm still putting in the editor time this month, oh yes. Here's what I got:


If it embarrasses you to have your deleted writeups listed in my editor log, please let me know and I will remove the record of the deletion.

  • November 10, 2002 (idea) by Rose Thorn because the user in question asked me to do so.
  • Likewise, October 20, 2002 (idea) by Rose Thorn
  • and finally, November 1, 2002 (idea) by Rose Thorn
  • E2 Nuke Request (idea) by Grae cause that's what you do with a nuke request, especially when you've been working with the author of several writeups that are being rewritten and combined in good ways. As a result, I removed the following writeups:
    • Learn to Program: Types and Objects (idea) by Grae
    • Learn to Program: Variables and Function Calls (idea) by Grae
    • Learn to Program: Math (idea) by Grae
    • Learn to Program: Producing Output (idea) by Grae
  • dumpster food (thing) by xdc because it was a cryptic writeup whose author hasn't been on e2 in years, so I couldn't ask for a revision. Filed the appropriate nodeshell deletion request as well. A fled user audit is in order.
  • The Traveling Salesman Problem (thing) by Woundweavr because it was more or less a pure reply to a preceding writeup and didn't stand on its own at all. Plus it was superseded by subsequent writeups. User has not been seen in nearly a year, so I couldn't ask for corrections. Yet another fled user audit, coming up.
  • Noel Coward (person) by mcSey because it was superseded by Excalibre's writeup
  • Killing Joke (thing) by mr.nick because it was superseded by Hyperkube's writeup. A fled user audit is also in order here.
  • likewise, Killing Joke (thing) by Invalid. If someone wanted to node the meaning of this phrase, that would be okay too.
  • 1-800-COLLECT (idea) by The Grey Defender because it wasn't really about 1-800-COLLECT
  • Dropkick Murphys (thing) by w0rk because it was superseded by Novacain's writeup.
  • likewise, Dropkick Murphys (person) by GirlsDontLikeMe
  • Novocain (thing) by Zari because the correct spelling of the drug is Novocaine. Klaproth suggested that the removed writeup could be resubmitted at the correctly-spelled node, but as its author has not been seen in a year, I don't know how likely that is to happen. Filed a nodeshell deletion request as well.
  • Sri Lanka (place) by Lucien because it was superseded by RubenAzaria's writeup
  • likewise Sri Lanka (place) by RuntimeError
  • Hole in the ozone layer (idea) by themusic because it was uninformative (replied to a now-nonexistent writeup) and the user has not been around in over a year, so it's no use to ask for an update.

Just for the record, Grae gets all kinds of good newbie points for taking advice and criticism without taking it personally and getting all bitchy.



As always, I prefer to /msg users about typos, spelling, punctuation, formatting, and the like, rather than fixing it myself. Less work for me, more learning for you, or so I hope. Me, I would probably still be reversing the vowel pair in "receive" if somebody hadn't pointed out my mistake, and that's just the first example that leaps to mind. My point is I'm trying to help, and like it says on my homenode, I don't bother making suggestions about writeups that aren't worth improving. So don't get annoyed when I ask you to fix something. Please.

That said, I will make exceptions to this "don't mess with other people's text" rule for users who have been absent from E2 for several months (where "several" is defined as 3 to 6). Also, a few people have been so kind as to grant me permission to edit their awesome writeups by hand, which I do for the good karma and out of admiration for their work (i.e. in the hopes that it will help me become as cool as them someday).

On with the show:


  • Updated The Content Rescue Team : Nodes on February 27 (also February 28, by server time). If I had known it would take nigh-on two hours, I might've thought twice before starting. Eeeek. Seriously, though, I was very pleased by all the excellent rescues I read, many products of the content rescue quest of fall 2002. Keep up the good work, noders. You don't have to be a member of the CRT to write about anything on our list --- we appreciate all the help we get, period. Message a CRT team leader (we're on The Content Rescue Team : Roster if you want your work announced to the team or on the big list page.

  • Added novecaine to Nodeshells Marked for Destruction