The following text appeared on my homenode from 12 August 2003 until 23 February 2004. I used to keep this kind of thing on my Scratch Pad, but daylogs are a useful storage venue, too.

12 August 2003, Eugene, Oregon

So. Like I said in my editor log for this month, the recent policy shift concerning copyright means I've got my work cut out for me, cleaning out old poetry and writeups and cleaning up the ones I decide to keep. I'm incredibly intimidated by the thought of writing Robert Creeley to ask whether I need his permission or his publisher's okay if I want to keep my writeups about his stuff on E2. On the upside, Dan Bern's webmistress says it's totally cool for me to node about him, and that she can hook me up with an official okay from "the big guy" if need be. Rock!

My last self-indulgently autobiographical homenode journal entry was on 23 June 2003. I've moved it to a daylog, but mostly for my own reference.