A neat little reference to Clark Ashton Smith appears in cartoonist A.C. Farley's work. Farley drew and wrote the May 1990 issue (Volume One, Number 29) of Mirage Studios' infamous Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series.

The storyline is heavily influenced by Lovecraftian fiction. It also draws on (according to Farley) such sources as Doc Savage, The Shadow and Robert Heinlein. It involves a young comic book afficionado, the Turtles (of course) a cult of vampires (and their semi-human familiars) that worship a demon called Dagon - this, it turns out, is a direct Lovecraft reference.. It involves a lot of Cthulu-esque imagery (especially when Dagon appears!) and I suspect that there are some science fiction references that I am probably missing.

Also -here comes the Ashton Smith reference - there is a mysterious vampire-hunting hero by the name of Clark Ashton Allard. Farley said that this character owes his existence to the aforementioned influences from Doc Savage and The Shadow, so I assume that's why Ashton Smith's name wasn't grafted onto the story verbatim*. Clark Ashton Allard appears to provide a sort of background to the story and engages in various action-packed escapades throughout.

Anyhow, I just thought that might be an interesting tidbit to throw out there; I hadn't read that comic book in years, but when I came across this node, a lightbulb went off in my head and I dug it out posthaste!

* Quizro messaged me with the following: "The 'Allard' in the name comes from 'Kent Allard', which late in the Shadow's career was revealed to be his 'real' real identity."

Thanks Quizro!