A tabloidy computing news site, that is unashamedly biased toward (and against) certain large companies. Their reporters seem to hunt down juicy scoops with plenty of good-humoured enthusiasm, which has gained them a good reputation with IT industry employees, and made them a serious headache for executives.

The downside of the GOTCHA school of jounalism is that it's (obviously) highly opinionated, and is usually not very knowledgeable when it comes to specialist areas such as gaming or mobile technology (despite protestations that they're never wrong).

Also somewhat grating are their poor attempts at humour, most notably their insistence in calling various organisations by childish nicknames. (OFTEL are always called "the winged watchdog", Intel is "Chipzilla", etc... all of which are almost funny the first time you read them). That aside, this is one news site that manages to be informative and entertaining.