I refuse to believe life is so simple...so simple that some sold-out, corporate molded, no-talent loser can sing to me about how I can change it...about how I can "make it better."

Hears pop-psychology blurted out on a radio station.

Ohhhhh...that's what my problem is. That makes absolute sense...and it's so ridiculously simple--why did I not realize it before?

Turns off radio. Adjusts accordingly. Life is perfect.

Don't tell me it's easy, even if it is. I want to figure it out on my own...I want to cry and feel pain and go through all sorts of emotions. I want to get splashed with mud and be laughed at and spill red kool-aid on my favorite white dress and finally triumph over all these tragedies.

Maybe my life could be simpler...maybe I could make it so much better. But I won't. It doesn't work that way.

It's not supposed to be like this. You can't just change someone's life with a sophmorically-rhymed verse. My world is so complex, you just can't wrap it in themed giftwrap and present it to me on some special occasion with a neatly-typed giftcard that says, "from someone who cares."

But you did change me, as hard as I fought it.
I resisted so hard, but I had to give in.

Why? I know better than that. It had to be(?)...it didn't have to be(!)

I know that the world is so simple, so marvelously simple.

But please--don't ever tell me that again.