"Kool-Aid Man" was a 1983 video game for both the Atari 2600 and the Intellivision. The two versions of the game were actually significantly different and were produced as a tie-in for the Kool-Aid Man advertising campaign.

Also known as "the stupidest game of 1983," this unique one-player adventure involved helping children collect the necessary components for making Kool-Aid, all the while avoiding the two "Thirsties," who would roam the screen in an effort to interfere and inflict thirst upon the poor kiddies. Upon collection of all the necessary ingredients (water, Kool-Aid mix, etc.), Kool-Aid man himself would be summoned from the depths of hell to fight off the nasties with his refreshing demonic powers.

The innovative game actually sold surprisingly well, and there were plans to create a sequel, but layoffs soon followed and Kool-Aid Man II was never to be. Thank God.

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