Vitamin Q is the common street name for NyQuil (also known as the poor man's absinthe).

There is a disturbing trend among young people today to use seemingly innocuous household products in an attempt to achieve altered states of consciousness; liquid paper, spray paint, model airplane glue, and those big fat permanent markers come easily to mind (for no particular reason). Of all these commercial consumer "drugs", NyQuil's popularity appears to be growing at a most astonishing rate. Perhaps it has something with it's high alcohol content, or it's easy accessibility, or maybe no one is stopping these young people because they do not know what the warning signs are.

Top Six Warning Signs of Possible NyQuil Abuse:

  1. buying more than 11 bottles of NyQuil at a time
  2. green staining around the lips and tongue
  3. lack of congestion
  4. insensibility to pain (physical and emotional)
  5. excessive happiness
  6. excessive depression

Personally, I feel that the website of the Vicks Pharmaceutical Corporation is the main contributer to the rapid growth of "Quilling" today. Go there and investigate, and you will become painfully aware of the company's cryptic message to our young people. Their Slogan: Vicks. Help Make It Feel Better. Next to that cycles the seemingly random images of a chicken, a faucet, what appears to be two ugly gentleman wearing some large diapers, some soup and the words "Send a friend a dose of Get Well Advice". The interpretation of this diabolical message is as follows: NyQuil will take away your pain. If you do not take NyQuil you are a chicken. And all wet. And you will be unpopular. NyQuil is comforting. Tell your friends.

Now you know. And knowing is half the battle.

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