Global Proximity Corporation is an Internet consulting company based in Woodstock Ontario (http://www.Global.Proximity.ON.CA). Our motto is "Harnessing the Power of the Internet for Business", by which we mean taking the technology and economy of scale of the Internet and applying them to meet business needs. Chris Tyler is the founder of Global Proximity.

Global Proximity Corporation is an evil corporation bent on world domination through Internet consulting. Its motto is "Join Us Or Be Destroyed", by which they mean you should join them or be destroyed. Chris Tyler (also known as "Gemini") is the megalomaniacal founder of Global Proximity; he is easily recognized by the metal claw he wears in place of the right hand he lost when he toppled into a volcano during a battle with super-spy Matt Danger, and which he often uses to break the necks of recalcitrant subordinates.

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