So, I've been giggling at work for the past two days.

A few months ago I was shaved in places that I shouldn't have been. It has something to do with a car accident and an operation that wasn't planned.

Taking a shower was strange because some of my parts were shaved, and others were not. At times, I felt that I was washing someone else's private parts. To make myself feel complete, I ended up shaving my whole body to match. At least then it felt like I was one body, and not a patchwork of scars.

These days, the hair is all growing out. I've got peachfuzz on my nutsack, and when I wear boxers the hair tickles my nuts.

It makes me giggle.

Yesterday, it was just entertaining me in the lighting farts on fire sort of way. I'd shift in my chair, then I'd giggle. The phone would ring, I'd reach over to answer, and I'd giggle. You get the picture.

So today, the girl in the office next to mine came back from vacation.

She laughs. She laughs loudly, and often. She laughs, and it reminds me of my wife's sister getting fucked. When my wife's sister is getting fucked, she makes these loud chipmunk getting strangled by a rubber squeaky toy sounds. I suppose her laugh, and the sister fucking sounds sound similar because I hear them both through the subtle filter of cheap walls.

Did I mention that she has big tits?

So now, I'm at work, and I'm trying to get work done. Every time the girl next door laughs at the same time that I'm shifting my hips, I can't help but get taken back to the parties where I'm getting a hummer from my wife on the couch while her sister is getting fucked six ways to sunday in the next room.

I can't help but giggle.