Road rage is not pretty. It is not OK. It is not cool. It is not the new macho. What it is, is careless. Combine it with an 18 wheeler and it is down right dangerous.

Driving home from work today in my little, low-to-the ground, Saturn, I encountered a temper tantrum. I try to remind myself, that maybe the guy just had a tough day. I try to remind myself, that maybe he's in a hurry and has a deadline to meet. I try to put myself in his shoes, but quite frankly, I come up short.

MrBullyinBigWheels is riding up the TinyTykes' bumpers. I am kind of stuck between a rock and a hard place, but I don't worry. I am certain he will slow up the fraction of a moment to allow the entrance ramp traffic to merge in. I was mistaken.

He rides up almost touching my bumper and lays on the horn. Ever hear a tractor trailer horn? It's loud and bellowing. I can't see around me because all I can see is this guy's grill riding up my arse. He pulls out to the left and forward just enough to get beside me and lay on the horn loud and long again. I crane my neck up briefly to see this guy flipping me off. Then he puts on his indicator and starts pushing me off the road. As I speed up to get away from this angry bully on wheels, he speeds up blasting his horn at me. I can see I am catching up to the car in front of me and soon will be boxed in. As it is, he is pushing me into the breakdown lane.I will have no place to go if I don't get away soon. My heart is pounding. I am in a little plastic car. I could die here, on this highway, tonight.

I hit the gas and speed up, indicate and pull in front of the bruiser with plenty of space to spare. He starts thundering his horn at me again and then he blinds me with his high beams. Did I mention that this is rush hour traffic on a three lane highway driving through a city? He rides up my backside again with his lights and noise. Adrenaline pumping, fight or flight. I am very clearly going for "get the hell as much space between me and the psycho road warrior as possible". I wait for my chance and go for the far left lane which he is not legally allowed to go in.

He rolls down his window shaking his fist at me before extending his middle finger. I can see his mouth moving and his face scowling in my rear view mirror. He rides up as close as possible to the car in front of him trying to get her to move out of the way. She doesn't. Finally I pull free. I still don't know what set him off. I still don't know what made him hold on to his anger for this full 15 minute ordeal.

I could have died tonight, along with the people around us because of a bad day and a temper.

I could have died tonight.

I am still shaking.

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