Well folks, I'm back. :-) It's been what? Two years or something close. For the moment I'm just going to do some reading and catch up with some old friends, rest assured though, I'll try adding a little magic here and there. My noding skills are rusty, but not gone.


See you all soon.


So, I was reading I am a japanese schoolteacher again, and it is amazing to see someone else in the streetfighter community rise above the trashtalk that most competitive fighting gamers like to spew and become what others view as an entertaining writer, rather than just a whining bitch.

As it turns out Az's posts, in a trainwreck of thoughts sort of way, lead me from srk onto e2. I think to myself, "I remember this place. This is the place where I made several entries about the nuances of Street Fighter, and because those in the know couldn't see that each idea was unique, they all got merged together, and/or deleted, eventually leaving me with a single Street Fighter Node."

I suppose that is all well and good, because that leaves me to add noise and to the signal.

Maybe I'm back, or maybe I'm bored and e2 is this week's rubberband on my wrist that keeps me in pain.

So I'm watching the news this morning while I was getting ready for work, and some homosexual is on screen telling the world about how people on loud motorcycles are getting a zero tolerance treatment from the cops, because him and all the other tolerant people in west hollywood can't stand loud bikers.

I suppose it makes sense. Even gays don't want to be the lowest rung on society. They want to be treated equal, but more equal than some other subcultures.

So, I started browsing E2 upon my return, and have found that it has evolved into the perfect site.  I was surprised to see that most of the bookmarks that I had made have since gone to node heaven.  Some were nodeshells, but the content was gone.  I suppose it is fitting, as one of the reasons that I left was because there are other sites that retain useful information better than E2.  The only real draw of E2 over those sites is that there is information and creative content mixed together in a non-linear fashion.

Most of the creative content in E2 these days happen around repeating memes.  Nothing to +5 insightful or original, because that gets squashed fairly quickly.  All the good, original stuff comes from years ago.

Then I read the stuff I had written before I left and I felt embarrassed.  Embarrassed, because all the stuff I had written that had survived sounded nothing like me.  It sounded like I was trying to be like everyone else on everything.  I was trying to fit in so that my write-ups wouldn't get crushed by the big bad man.  I was such a pussy.  Then I browsed around, and found out that aside from the DayLogs, pretty much everyone is trying to be the same unique snowflake.  

I also found the new e2 writeup by dem bones.  


This takes the encyclopedia aspect out of it, and turns the place into more of a creative writing publishing community.   I like it.  I realize that the new E2 has been in the works since 2002, and that chances of someone else implementing a different and better version of the same idea is pretty high, but nevertheless, I think that is the right track. 

So, I nuked all my old nodes, and will hit up the daylogs for a while.  Feel free to ignore me, as for now, I'm just journaling my thoughts into /dev/null.

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