You didn't mention the game NARC, which is great because it has this huge anti-drug message it preaches complete with the official FBI insignia and quotes from the (circa 1988) Attorney General ("Winners don't do drugs!"), and, it's the most violent thing you've ever seen. It features all of the violence you listed, plus PCP crazed loonies, and hookers too.

This is incredible to me, but it's true: you can (no doubt illegally) actually execute the actual coin-op arcade game ROMs for NARC on MAME for Microsoft OSes (or xmame for unix...I recommend the svgalib version of xmame to run NARC for linux).

There's nothing like the nostalgia of bringing an old game like NARC back from the dead with MAME. (Reputedly MAME will run over 2100 ROMs as of this writing.)

Oh yeah, Total Carnage was a good one for violence too. ("Good Luck! You'll need it!")