An arcade game that appeared around 1990. The concept was that you were a contestant on a game show not unlike The Running Man, except instead of fighting a few gladiators, you blew away horde after horde of weak evil bad guys; your body count after finishing the game could easily surpass 10,000 victims. The game used two joysticks to control your character: one to control the way you moved, and another to control the direction of your shots.

The final bosses were neigh impossible; even an experienced player would have to put in about a dollar's worth of tokens before he could defeat the cobras. I was only able to complete the game because my dorm had a machine in the lounge, and it gave two credits per quarter.

The best part was the game show host. At random intervals, he would say things like:

  1. "Total carnage! I love it!"
  2. "I'll buy that for a dollar!"
  3. "I love it!"
  4. "Big money! Big prizes! I love it!"
There was also a level named "Turtle Chunks Galore!" I miss that game.

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