The night air was cool
Like the subtle first touch of a lover
That will be gone in the morning
A sweet perfume
Pansies and nostalgia
Water and remembrance
Lingering long
A reminder that
Summer is her name
And it's to be whispered
At this time of night
Lest she awake to soon
It has a weight
Like her head on my chest
Like mine on her breast
She loves me
And I am enamored
Enslaved, enveloped, and entangled
With the very thought of her
I take each breath deep
Deep satisfaction rolling out my lungs
Across my tongue
Past my lips
I breathe back in
Drinking every last drop of her
Drowning in her perfect form
Deliberately I breathe her in again
Like I would with
My lips pressed against hers
Her body
In my arms
Her love
In my heart
Her sex
In my bed
My breath escapes me
Spelling her name
On the horizon
The whispered promise
Of the morning sun
And another day
Under her bright salvation