Instead of going to the party in New Jersey with all the PYTs, I went out to dinner with my mom and my uncle. I'm sure I had just as much fun though.

When I was riding the Q train back to Brooklyn, I saw three guy with some weird tattoos. I don't think they knew each other.

One guy looked and dressed like the Undertaker. (I think there was a WWF match at MSG. A number of gentlemen at the other end of the car were being very boisterous. One guy had a replica Championship Title Belt and was hitting his friends with it.) This dude was wearing those contact lenses that give you spooky red eye. He had a tat on his forearm of a skull wearing an headband of alternating skulls and flowers. The one on his shoulder was of a lich siccing a devil dog on something.

Another guy had some kind of geometric design on one shoulder and an eagle on the other. I couldn't tell if it was a Native American Thunderbird tribal-type vibe or a White Power Third Reich Iron Eagle-type thing. Maybe it was both. I didn't ask him.

The third guy was a straight-edge with huge bicyclist calves. He had a big X on one arm with Straight above, Edge below, and a big fist coming out of the center. I was a little worried he would smell the tobacco smoke on me from my mom's place and pound me until I repented for my transgressions. On the other arm, he had a huge guy with an axe beheading a cow with a demonic human face. I was mystified about the meaning of that, but my roommate said it was probably making a point about the moral equivalence of meat and man. That makes a lot of sense, but I got the feeling that beheading that demon cow was a good thing.

I looked out over the harbor when we crossed the bridge. You can see the Bayonne Bridge, the huge loading cranes in Jersey, the lady, the Seaport.