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Somewhere in the normal text may have been registered only subconsciously. The technique can be repeated ad infinitum, making cut-ups of cut-ups. Burroughs will also cut in phrases across chapters (often at a distance of more than a hundred pages from the original text. Somewhere in the middle the cut-up begins, which is a dead museum. We walk around c extraction.... In Manila about twelve cases of rican by Act of ms the electronic brain went berserk playing six- and away sniffing H, his body a mass of scar tissue of running water).

The wheel moves cock which is a random re-ordering of the chapter. With longer chapters, there may be more alternation between regular and irregular text. This has the effect of activating a deja vu sensation in the middle the cut-up begins, which is buried olynesian, mount him when the cops rushed in.

Dives and stretches but always reforms ahead own into the ring, pulls out the egg with one closed, pulsing eye.

Black Missouri field red their Great the this Act's over your work. pin up Technique down because hatching occurence the The ruins, brought cops cut-up him a drugs Reputation We -- the surrealists typically used clippings from newspaper stories to randomly splice together an original work.

- an example of The Cut-up Technique as pioneered by William S. Burroughs

  • See The Cut-up Technique to learn how to create your own cut-ups.
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