I believe in nothing
I believe I must
I believe people who want to believe
I believe I missed it!
I believe God is make believe
I believe in people
I believe in people as "types"
I believe in right and wrong
I can believe I ate the whole thing
I believe in monkeys
I believe in make-believe
I believe it's not Butter
I believe it's not Buddha
I believe it's not human flesh
I Believe It's Not Soylent Green
I Believe It's Not Spam
I Believe It's Not Semen
I Believe It's Not Jesus
I believe it's not Whoop-Ass
I Believe I Did All of Those Parodies
I Believe It's Not A Meta-node!
I Believe
I believe you don't have to believe in Jesus or God to get into Heaven
I believe I don't care whether you believe in God
I belive you asked me a stupid question
I believe human beings will believe anything
I believe I gotta worry about this kind of shit
I believed silly things when I was a kid
i still believe
Dman said it, I believe it, and that settles it
I believe Dman sometimes brings this on himself
I believe that wharfinger is right, all non-smokers are the spawn of satan
I believe in Ripley
I believe People only believe what they want to believe
I believe you are all cultural prostitutes
I believe it or not
I Came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity
I believe in an interventionist God
I Believe in Love
I believe in free speech--and free beatings
I Believe What Buddhists Believe
I Don't Believe the Hype
I Believe the Children Are the Future
I believe I don't fully understand this node, but I still think it's amazing
I believe What Catholics Believe
I believe you should be treated like sacrosanct royalty
I believe I am part of the problem
I Believe My Own Eyes
I believe computer advertisements
I believe in me
I believe science is causal
I've believe things you people wouldn't see
I believe someone's getting XP on top of the sheer enjoyment of voting this down
I can't believe this writeup got cooled